Amazing Gift Basket

Starting at 24.95$


You want to make the perfect gift but don't really know where to start. The Barrel Box is there for you. We have for you a selection of our most popular gift baskets to choose from:

  • The Sugar Daddy: 1 x 150g of Bon Bon gummies, 1 x 170g bag of Bad Monkey Pop Corn, 2 x Sour beers 24,95$
  • The IPA fan: 4 of the best IPAs in a basket. 34,95$
  • La Belle Province: 4 of our most popular beers from Quebec. 34,95$
  • The Gourmet: 1 x Jar of Quail Eggs , 1 x AAA beef Jerky, 2 x fine beers and quality crackers 43.95$
  • It's Hot: 2 x Most Popular Hot Sauce, 1 x 142g Bag of Rebel Chipotle Chips and 2 x Beer with character. 44.95$
  • I Prefer Wine: 2 x Bottle of Quebec wine, 1 x goose paté and quality crackers. 56,95$
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IMPORTANT NOTES: NO DELIVERY - For pickup only. * Must be 18 or older to order. ID cards will be required on the day of pickup * Allow 48h to process the order.

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